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What Can SARGON RESEARCH Do For You? SARGON RESEARCH is helping oncology practices to overcome the challenges to participating in meaningful research. With 22 years experience in clinical research under the direction of Nash Gabrail, M.D., GABRAIL CANCER CENTER, the SARGON RESEARCH team can assist you in the following:

AccessSARGON RESEARCH selects high-quality, phase 1-4 protocols that add value to practices and provides patients with a broad spectrum of state-of-the-art weaponry to fight their cancer.

Budgets/Contracts — Depend on the experience of SARGON RESEARCH to effectively negotiate budgets and contracts, so that practices are fairly compensated.

RegulatorySARGON RESEARCH facilitates and streamlines the research process of credentialing, regulatory compliance, and expedites IRB submission and approvals by centralizing study management.


ComplianceSARGON RESEARCH trains and assists site staff to identify prospective research candidates and ensure protocol adherence.


Infrastructure SARGON RESEARCH assists in building the proper infrastructure, including setup, storage, and drug accountability, which are crucial in building a successful clinical research program. SARGON RESEARCH is your gateway to a viable, economically-sound clinical research program which gives practices a competitive edge and allows patients to participate in trials in community-based oncology practices.



Nashat Y Gabrail M.D. –  Chief Executive Officer
Carrie L Smith R.N. – Chief Operations Officer

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