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1st Annual InvestPharmaGroup Summit


After an extensive discussion, we have decided to move the InvestPharmaGroup Summit from the original dates of June 12th and 13th to August 14th and 15th, 2020. The venue (NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio) will remain the same. We are combining the InvestPharmaGroup Summit with the annual Sargon Research Summit hosted by the Gabrail Cancer Center. This will provide great opportunities for investors to intermingle with groups in the medical field to share ideas and yield unique experiences amongst industries. We want to make sure that the interest exists and that each industry is properly represented to allow for the summit to be productive for everyone attending.

This will be the 6th year of the annual Sargon Research Summit. Many drug companies, physicians, nurses, and other medical staff will be in attendance. This presents a perfect opportunity to fill the gap between investors and the medical industry. I have had the pleasure of attending this summit three times and have been a speaker once. It is always a very intimate event that allows for open discussion due to its size.

For investors, the conference will remain free of charge due to the sponsorships by the pharmaceutical companies. We would greatly appreciate if you could spread the word to any interested investors or to those you believe would benefit from such an event. I am always happy to answer questions or discuss the event, so please do not hesitate to share my contact information.

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Presentations by various biotech companies from around the world that will lay out their platforms and pipelines alongside presentations by investors elaborating on what they look for when making short- and long-term investments.


Proudly hosted by The InvestPharmaGroup (consisting of Nash Gabrail, MD, Mostafa Hussein, and Carrie Smith, RN). 


Friday, August 14th, 2020

Saturday, August 15th, 2020


The Pro Football Hall of Fame – Canton, OH


To streamline future relationships between experts from the medical industry seeking investments with experts in the field of healthcare investing.

Special Events

Golf round at Brookside Country Club – Friday morning (location and time subject to change)

Private cocktail and cigar reception at The Gabrail Estate – Friday evening

Golf round at Glenmoor Country Club – Saturday afternoon (location and time subject to change)


For a more details about the summit,  click here

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