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To all who participated in the recent 2021 combined #Sargon and ICOP summit in Canton Ohio, we are grateful for your attendance and salute you for your dedication to your cancer patients and our communities.

The conference was an invigorating weekend covering fascinating topics in clinical research, clinical practice, and practice management. A diverse array of speakers discussed subjects including payment disparities, ancillary business models, new research opportunities, exciting new drugs, promising new laboratory technologies, and the challenges we face moving forward with our mission.

With Sargon Research advocating for research and the newly launched ICOP- Innovative Community Oncology Practices- advocating for independent oncology practices, we are confident in our ability to continue the long and proud tradition of community oncology. We also salute our care partners in industry and academia for their support. With Sargon and #ICOP we stand together advocating for patients and the communities we most humbly serve. And please don’t forget next year’s conference in Canton Ohio- home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame!

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